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Abby Pope

Abby Pope pic


Leawood, KS


PFP Peer Mentor Program (President), Financial Planning Association, Powercat Financial (Peer Counselor II), Alpha Delta Pi, University Honors Program, Human Ecology College Tuition Committee, College of Human Ecology Dean's List

Why I chose PFP:

All I knew going into PFP was I wanted to help people and I wanted to be challenged academically. The more I learned about financial planning, especially the way K-State is unique with its focus on actually helping people though financial counseling, advocating for the fiduciary standard, and encouraging all students to aim for the CFP designation, the more I fell in love with this major.'

What I like most about Personal Financial Planning:

I love knowing I'll have the ability to change lives for the better in my career as a financial advisor--reducing stress and helping people achieve their goals. I also like how the industry has seen such a need for both young people and especially women to enter this field as the baby boomer generation retires and passes on their wealth. Firms are going out of their way to hire K-State students in particular because they know we are competent and have the ability to sit for the CFP exam immediately after graduation. So really, what I like most about Personal Financial Planning is EVERYTHING!


Senior at K-State