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Financial Therapy Certificate

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One year to complete

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First Financial therapy program in the nation


Learning of psychology, relationships, and money


Kansas State University's financial therapy graduate certificate program is the first of its kind in the nation to provide graduate-level educational training to professionals who want to improve clients' financial health by integrating relational, behavioral, cognitive and emotional elements with personal finance. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to understand the interplay of psychology, relationships and money, and they will be able to implement practical techniques into work with clients. Currently, financial therapy is an unregulated field and, therefore, educational training in the area does not lead to certification or licensure as a therapist, counselor, or planner.

Students collaboratingK-State's financial therapy graduate certificate can be completed entirely online within 12 months, consisting of four eight-week courses. The online program of study allows for flexibility in students' schedules while learning from leaders in the field at a distinguished university.

The financial therapy graduate certificate is housed in the Institute of Personal Financial Planning (IPFP), in which IPFP graduate faculty members have been instrumental in the establishment and development of the field of financial therapy. For example, three members of the graduate faculty hold graduate degrees and/or certificates in both mental health and personal financial planning. Faculty members have also spearheaded the establishment of the Financial Therapy Association as founding board members, hosted the 1st Annual Financial Therapy Conference at Kansas State University, and founded and edit the Journal of Financial Therapy.